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Dec 4

rest in pieces mutavore


rest in pieces mutavore

Dec 3



so what you’re saying is




so what you’re saying is


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Nov 3

Post offices 'can't handle' Centrelink services



Is this the same Australia Post that they’re thinking of privatising? Wow, that’d go wonderfully…

Potentially more seriously:

The Abbott Government is also looking at handing responsibility for the NDIS over to Medibank Private.

Senator Cameron warned that such a policy could change the way the scheme is administered, saying that the NDIS was ‘not something that should be driven by profit’.

Mr Hockey has labelled the current NDIS scheme a ‘massive new bureaucracy,’ but Senator Cameron disagrees, describing the attack as ‘rhetoric from the Coalition’ trying to ‘demonise government services.’

‘What you have to do is have a proper approach on this, and we need a high level government capacity to look after people who are down and out,’ he said.

They’re planning to privatise Medibank Private. I somehow suspect that handing the NDIS over to private groups would not help protect the interests of people with disabilities.

I know my local post office was thrilled to hear this suggestion in the news—frankly I think if this was rolled out at least half of them would quit.

my bet though is that the government will then turn around and farm centrelink out to a private company to manage on behalf of the gov’t, and go “SEE IT COULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH WORSE, AT LEAST WE DIDN’T GIVE IT TO THE POST OFFICE!”


some days I feel like it’s overreacting to be so terrified of what the government’s going to come up with next? and then shit like this gets thrown around. why does he want to systematically tear down what few things we have …. not even going in our favour, but why the hell is he so set on making them worse?

(I know why :(  )

The battle between OHMGGODINEEDTOPROPOSERIGHTNOW and feeling ill over the cutting out of trans* rights

I mean it’s a huge step that they were there to begin with but it’s just not good enough

Sep 5




"If you think homosexuality is an unnatural condition, I cannot agree with you."
Kevin Rudd smashes a pastor’s views on marriage equality on Q&A [x]

Aw gosh, I’m feelin’ all proud to be an Australian right now. I know where my vote will be going!

I love that our pm shut somebody down calling them “mate”

This was amazing. So much respect for Rudd right now. 

Not very turned on to Rudd rn but there’s always that twinge of fond amusement at the ubiquitousness of the Aussie ‘mate’.

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Sep 4

Done my civic duty.  Voted.

Sep 4

Doin’ my Civic Duty. About to vote.

Omg I can’t handle the fact that there is not only a hey girl Tony Abbott tumblr but also a hey girl Penny Wong tumblr.

What is life.

Jun 3



Friends don’t let friends vote for Tony Abbott.

It’s about that time of year.

Report on removal of 'gay panic defence' from NSW law


The Gay & Lesbian Rights lobby has welcomed a move by the NSW parliamentary Committee to revisit the notorious partial defence of provocation. The partial defence of provocation can technically be used in any instance to downgrade murder to manslaughter where the perpetrator felt threatened by the victim, however it has only ever been used against gay and bisexual men.